Thursday, August 4, 2011

The one MMORPG to rule them all...

Well it's absolutely one hundred percent official now. I'm addicted to Guild Wars 2 and it hasn't even come out yet. Nay, it hasn't even reached an official beta yet. But in all seriousness, any gamer that has an interest in MMO's will want to be picking up GW2. Here's why.

Guild Wars 2 is built on an already successful franchise (Hence the '2' at the bottom of their title). This is important for building a next generation MMO for a couple main reasons.

1. There are many areas in which the developing staff can look at Guild Wars 1 and see what was not done right.
2. It brings forth a player base before the game launches.

Guild Wars 2 concept art
Perfect examples of the mistakes made in Guild Wars 1 (granted it didn't make too much of a difference) was the ability to jump along with underwater combat. These are some of the most simple, yet necessary characteristics to such a gamer, and it's no doubt that having the mechanics in GW2 will improve game play by tenfold.

The player base is no different. It's not much to be noticed, but when you log into the game the day after it's out you will definitely find many people who are passionate about the franchise and very much enjoy being in the game world of Guild Wars. This will make any new players who haven't played the franchise before feel very welcomed; a factor that is necessary for such a high quality MMORPG.

These two parts of the game are extremely minor in the scope of detail throughout the game, and there is much more to be expected once everything is announced, but it is already playing out to be the game of the decade, and I'm not even joking.

Actual in game scenery.
To top the cake with a big ol' red cherry, Guild Wars 2 looks and feels to be completely original. There is not other MMORPG out there that can even come close to looking like they can provide the same game play or attacking mechanics that GW2 has been dishing out at video game conventions. If there is one thing that all gamers want more than anything, it is originality. Slashing a boar, or killing a bear in every game you play tends to get boring and repetitive. Game developers should take note.

That's just my opinion though; for a closer look at GW2 and more information about why the game will rock, visit the website here.

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Asura Guardian (What I will most likely play as) :)
GW2 is published by ArenaNet

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