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Guild Wars Thoughts and Review

 Guild Wars is a game which should always go down in history right next to World of Warcraft. The creative game play and dynamic mechanics along with the amazing graphics allow for players to be immersed into a world never to be matched by any game of the genre. Here are my thoughts and a quick review of Guild Wars and all of it's expansions.

In order for a game to be creative, it has to do what no other company has done before. At the time that it was created, Guild Wars did just that. It set apart it's name from the WoW clones and began a world that engaged many people throughout it's creation. This fact draws in most of the 'on the fence' players who can't decide which game to choose between, but an even more enticing feature allows for many more people to play this game without forking over fifteen bucks a month. The business model of buying the game and having no subscription fee provides a more convenient outlet for most gamer's. This is the first and only game that I have seen which gains their profits this way, granted I have been so preoccupied playing the game I never cared to look for another.

The World of Tyria
Guild Wars: Prohpocies
While this factor sets the game apart before you even begin to play, there are many more reasons in which this game can shine through as a gold medal winner of MMORPG's. Instanced game play and a set skill bar or attacks or buffs makes a more creative style of play than any other game to date. The fact that you can only make a specific build for your character may mean a more intellectual process of leveling, but it is much more worth it in the long run. Characters are all unique. There is rarely a person playing a warrior with the exact same build, because not everything suits every persons playing style.

Only eight skills can be equipped when adventuring...
This creativeness can do well in most cases, but the one thing that Guild Wars is lacking, in my opinion, is the amount of armors available. There are many different types of armor, but you generally see characters wearing only the coolest armors which tend to all be the same. The creativity put into this part of the game also runs off into the weaponry. You rarely get any dropped weapons in the actual game from killing enemies, and it can tend to turn the game into a rather boring grind once you start to crank for level 20.

Granted that there can be some boring grinds for experience, you can never get bored from the story lines which run through the Guild Wars campaigns. The game is full of cut scenes and missions which don't always follow the same schematic.

In the end, I feel as though Guild Wars was really just a brilliant culmination of creative game play and beautiful graphics. Put it all together and, on my scale, you get a 9 out of 10.

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