My name is Greg, and I love video games. Unfortunately, though, I feel as though a select group of people share the same opinions with me on all video games. In an attempt to find a community that see's eye to eye with me on all forms of video games I'm writing this simple, yet fun blog.

My video game origins started out with the PS2 and titles such as Need for Speed Underground 2, ATV Off Road Fury, and Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. Soon my family got an Xbox 360 and my new passions turned to Halo, Dirt, and Call of Duty. Then after I saved up the money, a desktop computer with a brand new graphics card found it's way into my heart. This is now what i use for most of my gaming, and it has served me well.

For my opinions on video games that I am currently playing and a made up rating system, see more of my blog and follow or comment!

Thanks for reading!