Saturday, August 6, 2011

Battlefield Bad Company 2

The Battlefield franchise has definitely continued it's timely quest to create the ultimate first person shooter video game, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 is no step back. It brings to life more possibilities than it's predecessor and it utilizes the Frostbite engine to the full. This game knows exactly how to do it right when making a fun online shooter, and here's why.

While many people unfortunately see Battlefield Bad Company 2 as being slightly less appealing than Call of Duty, it sure does deliver much more to the players table than any other FPS out there today. Destructive buildings, dynamic combat and a squad based team system allows for a much more realistic game which in turn allows the player to have loads more fun playing.

Assault class gunner with an XM8
One of the best features of this game, which was in Battlefield Bad Company, is the destructible buildings. If there was an enemy hiding behind a wall trying to camp out a sniper spot and you wanted them gone, you could easily just switch to your explosive weapon if you have one and blow them to kingdom come. The ability to morph the landscape to the battle goes highly under-estimated in many games, but can be one of the largest factors to success in a well built team.

Teaming up in this game is also different than most other FPS's due to the squad system. You have a squad that is separate from the team which can hear you talking over Xbox Live, and spawn on you. spawning in the haze of combat can be beneficial or annoying depending on whether or not you know how to utilize a players position. Being a team player is more useful.

A wallpaper for the Onslaught game mode
While the game may not have all of the weapons that COD boasts, it definitely brings a variety to the table that is reasonable to deal with. More gadgets and equipment, though, sets the game apart. Snipers get to call in mortar strikes, demolition guys have rocket launchers and landmines, assault class people have use of a grenade launcher, and medics have med kits. The level of team play is definitely upped in this game due to the fact that each class feeds off of one another.

Personally i think that this game could have come more polished off of the shelf. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the game. It's just that there was a weak campaign and a few bugs that had to be fixed in multiplayer. Over all I would have to giver this game a 8.3 out of 10.

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