Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fable 3 Thoughts and Review

Fable 3 didn't get quite the warm welcoming into the gaming world that it would have liked, but in my personal opinion, it had good quality content and a strong story. The world of Albion has changed, but change can be a good thing...

Albion has become more of a modern kingdom, but it is about to get pretty weird pretty fast. The whole story line in this game is very unique and tailors to the actual game play very well. Many people just wanted to have a hack and slash, looting game and they quickly became disappointed when they realized that Lionhead studios changed some mechanics quite a bit from Fable 2.

The controls for your character in game are really well done and attacking hasn't changed a bit, but there was one major difference between Fable 2 and 3 that was quite impressive. The inventory screen. It is an interactive place in the game where you can organize all of your weapons, clothes, and awards to reflect your play style. The part about this that makes it the coolest is that you walk through 'the Sanctuary' (as it is called) as though you were just walking in the game. You essentially stop less to change equipment, and it's like you have a giant walk in closet for the pause screen.

Graphically, this game excels as every title before it has. The unique Fable art style is well represented, and the character models match, even though everything is in the far future of Albion. The quality of production truly shines through in this factor.

One thing that detracts from the experience would be the ability to outsmart the computer. Since this is a role playing game, it has a specific plot to engage the player in, but avoiding parts of the main story line until your character is a more powerful hero is an option to use. It may seem fun at the time that your doing this, but it makes the rest of the game less interesting.

On an EPIC scale, this game would score a 'Rather EPIC' as it truly didn't match up to the game everyone wanted it to be.

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