Sunday, August 7, 2011

Allods Online: Review and Thoughts

The free to play world of Allods Online is a magical and well polished one. Published by gPotato in the US, but produced by the Russian company Astrum Nival, the game is definitely a more top notch F2P game to be produced in recent times. Here's why.

Allods online has not been out for long and it may seem like it has a bit to go before it can be placed as top dog in the free mmorpg genre, but it definitely has been on the right path so far. Stunning visuals plague the landscape as you adventure through the separate allods that make up the world. From snowy white out conditions to the busy streets of Novograd, they a good job making a beautiful game.

League starting area
Combat can be a little bit lacking in some areas, as it is very skill oriented and there is no auto attack, but the game play over all is well done for what they were going for. The classes work together well like any other MMO, and there is really no difference between other games as to what the classes do. This fact, unfortunately, makes it so that there is much weight on the game to be compared to mega giants such as World of Warcraft. It may seem unfair to do so, but the developers of Allods could take on the challenge.

Character customization can be very, very confusing. The attribute system has very little guidance as to what you should work on, and the skill trees seem very over-complex. Once you get the inner workings of the game figured out, though, it becomes easy to make your own builds that pwn in end game.
End game content includes ships. :)

Speaking of endgame, I should also mention that there is a lot of it. It's worth the long grind to get up to end game level just because of the sheer quantities of content.

Personally I would give this game a 7 out of 10. there are many things done right in this game, but it just doesn't have to gusto to reach the next level of gaming. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this game can provide loads of fun to a player who's style it matches.

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