Monday, January 2, 2012

Terraria Thoughts and Review.

While searching for cheap indie games, you may have come across a simple, yet intriguing game of the name 'Terraria'. While at first glance it looks rather childish and non-enchanting to much of an audience, but this game sets forth to deliver a much more engaging experience than one could really ask for. The true question that you should be asking yourself when looking at this game is 'Why haven't I bought this yet?'

While similar to Minecraft in many ways (you will be gathering resources and hiding in the night from zombies) there is still much more to this game than that. Your ultimate goal is to create a town for all of the available NPC characters, and then you must attempt to defeat the three main bosses which plague the world you have been thrown into. These bosses are no easy task to overcome, as each one has a different set of skills which will need to be utilized if you are to defeat them. You must gear up with iron, silver, gold, and molten armor and weapons to take out these bosses. Once defeated, you have in effect saved the world and can do whatever you please until the end of time. Easy enough, right?

A player attempting to defeat 'Skeletron'
the hardest of the main three bosses.
After you have completed the main part of this game, you then have the choice to enter hard mode. You get four new bosses to defeat, a new biome to explore, loads of new enemies, and there is also an entire new arsenal of weaponry and armor to defend yourself with including the new ores of cobalt, mythril, adamantite, and the culmination in hallowed armor. This expansion to the game adds a level of intensity which was not found in the normal level of game play.

For my opinions on Terraria, I would have to say that there are definitely up's & down's to the game itself, but it is a good solid amount of game play to entrance yourself with for a few weeks or so. It has charming graphics which can get old, and it has a soundtrack which is catchy, yet also annoying at the same time. The multiplayer features can be confusing to access but once you've figured it out, you can play with your friends and it can be quite entertaining. The re-playability value of the game was originally terrible, but once hard mode was added, it became much more interesting to keep on playing more and more.

All of the armors in the game. normal mode on the left,
and hard mode on the right. found in the Terraria Wiki
Overall, if you are on the fence about buying this game, you should just man-up and buy it. It's worth the ten dollars or so that it costs, and it will bring you quite the amount of fun to play.

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Link to the Terraria Website!

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